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Do I need to be an expatriate to be eligible for cover?

Absolutely ! You should have the clear legal status of an expatriate in order to be eligible for cover.

Swiss residents you are eligible if you are not obligated to subscribe to the mandatory basic insurance (LAMAL),

including employees of United Nations and all international organizations, NGOs, Diplomats, International Students etc. In case of doubt on your status, please do contact us in order to verify.

I am 66 years old (or more), can I enroll and be eligible for cover?

Unfortunately no, acceptable age for enrolment is up to maximum age of 65.
Nonetheless, exceptions may apply under conditions of reserves and/or exclusions as well as personalized pricing offer.

I am already an insured member, will I be eligible for renewal cover after the age of 66 (or more)?

Absolutely !
Once you are an insured member, you will benefit from our lifetime renewal guarantee.

I have a medical case and/or pre-existing condition, am I eligible for cover?

Under the condition it has been declared at the time of the enrolment and accepted by Swiss Global Insurance.
You will then be covered up to the pre-existing condition limited refund as stated in the plans details and general conditions.
In case of doubt on your status, please do contact us in order to verify.

Do you need original bills to process claims?

No !
Clear scans sent by email will do (except for Switzerland where originals are required).

How long does it take to process claims?

– General claim inquiries: within 3 working days of the date of e-mail receipt.
– Fully documented claims submission: within 4 weeks.

Where do I need to send my bills to have my claims processed?

Send your claims to:
Tél: +41 22 560 61 70
IMPORTANT: Please keep a copy of all original documents you send.

What number should I call in case of Hospitalization?

– Hospitalisation : +41 22 310 38 94 .

What number should I call in case of Emergency Evacuation?

– Emergency Medical Evacuation : +41 22 310 37 88

Who is eligible for cover?

ANYONE, as a member of Swiss Global Insurance, under the age of 65 at the time of enrolment, and their dependents :
respectives :

Your spouse, provided you are not divorced or living apart under an implied or expressly written separation agreement.
We recognize common law and « Pacte Civil de Solidarité » « P.A.C.S. » agreements; proof of status must be supplied by policyholder at the time of enrolment.
Your children, and/or those of your spouse (or, if you are not married, those of your common law spouse or partner), under the age of 21, provided that they are financially dependent on you.
Between 21 and 26 years of age, children enrolled in full time secondary or higher education (written proof of enrolment at an educational establishment is required) are eligible for coverage as dependants under the Swiss Global Insurance policy. They may take on paid employment provided they do not work for more than three months per year Dependents are eligible for cover only if the policyholder is covered under the healthcare program.

When and for how long are you covered?

When and for how long are you covered ? Coverage for members and dependants begins upon enrollment into any of Swiss Global Insurance plan (a complete signed application form must be submitted and accepted). Enrolment is subject to acceptance by Swiss Global Insurance.
Coverage is automatically renewed with no limit in time.Swiss Global Insurance offers lifetime healthcare cover provided you take out a policy before the age of 65.

You are insured, the moment Swiss Global Insurance approves your application and premium is paid :

Immediately for medical attention and/or hospitalization following an accident or the onset of an infectious disease;
for maternity after a 10 month waiting period;
for Dental & Orthodontic treatment after a 9 month waiting period;
for check-up waiting period depending on your plan.
The medical coverage terminates at the request of the member by sending to Swiss Global Insurance a written notice minimum 30 days for the end of the year or, it can be terminated at anytime by Swiss Global Insurance for non payment of premium.

Emergency evacuation & repatriation

Scope of coverage
Insured Persons have access to the following services. For certain services, specifically evacuation, medically supervised repatriation and repatriation of mortal remains, reimbursement is subject to the schedule of benefits.
The following services are provided by our 24-hour assistance.

The Insured Person may contact SWISS GLOBAL ASSISTANCE to obtain the following travel information and services before starting or during his journey:

  • 24 hour Assistance Call Centre
  • Pre Travel Medical Advice
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Taxi Reservation
  • Air Ticket Reservation
  • Visa and Embassies information
  • Cash advance
  • Lost Passport Assistance
  • Legal Assistance
  • Ambulance Transfer
  • Dispatch of Drugs

To comply with the terms and conditions of the Policy, the Insured Person needs to contact Swiss Global Assistance
for pre-authorization before any evacuation and assistance costs are incurred. If the Insured Person fails to follow this condition, he will be liable to pay full costs of any transportation. Our contact information is on your membership card.

Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation Contact:
Swiss Global Assistance
Téléphone 24/24 : +41 22 310 37 88.

How to be reimbursed?

Please send your claim form within maximum 90 days from the date of treatment to the Swiss Global Insurance Claims Service Center.
The claim form must be completed and sent by email to SGI International Services at along with scanned invoices and payment receipts as well as other relevant documents justifying your request. Each document must state the name of the patient, date of cares, a full description of cares, the amount of medical expenses for each category of cares, the name, the address and the telephone numbers of the physician, of the medical facility.
Each document must state the name of the patient, date of cares, a full description of cares, the amount of medical expenses for each category of cares, the name, the address and the telephone numbers of the physician, of the medical facility.
Receipts must have all these information to be accepted.
We suggest that you keep the originals as our claim department may request the originals at any time.
(Except invoices established in Switzerland, please send us the original documents, take the precaution of making photocopies of all documents before sending originals).
Please follow the instructions on the form.

For vision care, prescription drugs or laboratory exams, the corresponding prescription must be included with the bills.

If you or your dependents are covered by a Social Security system or another healthcare plan, you must first obtain the reimbursement from this primary insurance before sending your claim to the Swiss Global Insurance Claims Service Center.
In this case, please enclose with each claim a copy of all medical and dental bills relating to the claim, as well as the original statement of the prior reimbursement Swiss Global Insurance may ask you additional information that may be necessary to solve your benefit claim.

Please accumulate your small medical and dental bills until you have enough to justify a significant reimbursement.

Send your claim to:
Swiss Global Insurance
c/o Swiss Health International
Claims Service Center
Place de la Fusterie 12
CH – 1204 Geneva – Switzerland
Tel : +41 22 560 61 70
E-mail :

Administrative Procedures

Direct billing (Pre-certification)

– for Delivery
Swiss Global Insurance issues a Letter of Guarantee (pre-certification) to the medical facility in order to settle directly the delivery charges according to the terms and conditions of your plan You will therefore benefit from a direct payment to your medical provider and will not need to claim for reimbursement.

– for Hospitalization (Medical or Surgical reasons)

Planned hospitalization
Simply contact Swiss Global Insurance ten days before admission, to ensure preparation of a Pre-certification agreement which will be sent by SGI to the medical provider. You will therefore benefit from a direct payment without any advance payment from your end. You will only pay those charges that are not covered by your plan such as your personal expenses (telephone and television rental, etc…) In order to facilitate any admission or any administrative procedures between Swiss Global Insurance and medical facilities, simply show your insurance card to the admission desk. The medical facility will then contact us directly.

In case of emergency
Just go directly to the hospital, show your insurance card to the admission desk and ask the person in charge to contact directly Swiss Global Insurance within the next 72 hours after your admission. We will provide the medical facility with a pre-certification agreement.

For Pre-certification and Emergency, please use the following telephone number : +41 22 310 38 94

Prior approval
Swiss Global Insurance prior approval is required for hospitalization, maternity, expenses over 400 €

, or for the following courses of treatment:

Medical prosthesis other than dental
Stays in medical facilities
expenses over 400 €
Series of medical services as soon as there are more than 5 sessions: services by paramedical practitioners such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathic or chiropractic treatment
In order to obtain prior approval, have your doctor send to Swiss Global Insurance a treatment plan with a medical report, including medical prescription, X-rays and detailed cost estimate. Prior approval given by Swiss Global Insurance is then valid for the specified medical services within the limits indicated in the text of the approval.
Reimbursements may be reduced by 50% if you do not request SGI prior approval (including for hospitalization and maternity).

For prior approval and for information on reimbursment ceilings,
please contact us on the following telephone number : +41 22 310 38 94