About us

The company

Swiss Global Insurance ® is a Swiss Health & Medical Insurance program for the Swiss expatriate community who, despite being far from their native land, would like to keep the high quality protection they are used to having, with total freedom to access Swiss and Worldwide medical providers, at anytime, from anywhere.

Our International Health and Medical insurance program is equally open to all other nationalities who seek Swiss quality insurance renown for its medical benefits and its health protection.

Since 1998, we have been creating and designing our own medical insurance plans based on the real needs of people.

We also offer tailor made solutions Employee Benefit Plans to multinational companies and diplomatic missions around the world.

Our company provides you with the personalized service you deserve, the medical coverage you really need, and the financial security you definitely seek.

Swiss Global Services

Services beyond the traditional health insurance plan  :

  • A multilingual team to get in touch with you, physicians and hospitals/clinics worldwide.
  • A unique contact to follow up your files, with a dedicated team of administrators for all members of Swiss Global Insurance.
  • A call center 24 hours a day, Pre-certification services, 365 day per year.
  • A Personalized insurance ID card for you and your dependents to facilitate admission to a hospital and direct billing.
  • Multi-currencies reimbursements, with a direct reimbursement by bank wire transfer worldwide.
    To avoid any change fluctuation, the applied exchange rate will be the rate of the day where the medical expenses have been engaged.
  • Just a simple phone call triggers a direct billing worldwide in case of hospitalization, this to avoid any advance payment for the policyholder (PRE-AGREEMENT).
  • Physician and dentist advisors remain at your disposal to get a second medical advise.
  • Confidentiality of medical information.

Swiss Medical Network

Swiss Global Insurance provides Worldwide coverage in case of illness or accidents with total freedom to choose any private hospital, private clinic or private doctor.
In order to complement your total freedom of choice, we commit ourselves to equally provide a Medical Network that offers wide range of high quality hospitals and clinics in almost every country.

A typical example will be the Swiss Medical Network which gives you access to the best private clinics and hospitals in Switzerland.
The Swiss Medical Network sets itself apart from its competitors by insuring excellent care, personalized attention, and pleasant surroundings both for patients and their families.
Equipped with the latest medical technology, it remains at the top in medical care and it is synonymous of reliability, knowledge and well being.

Swiss Global Insurance provides Worldwide coverage, therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or detailed listing.

Overview of our Swiss Medical Network:

  • Clinique de Genolier and it’s luxury inpatient residence (Les hauts de Genolier)
  • Clinique de Montchoisi
  • Clinique Valmont
  • Centre médico-chirurgicale des Eaux-Vives
  • Privatkilnik Bethanien
  • Clinique La Colline
  • Clinique des Grangettes