Who is eligible for cover

ANYONE,  as a member of Swiss Global Insurance, under the age of 60 at the timeof enrolment, and their dependents :
  • Your spouse, provided you are not divorced or living apart under an implied or expressly written separation agreement.
  • We recognize common law  and « Pacte Civilde Solidarité » « P.A.C.S. » agreements; proof of status must be supplied by policyholder at the time of enrolment.
  • Your children,  and/or those of your spouse (or, if you are not married, those of your common law spouse or partner), under the age of 21, provided that they are financially dependent on you.                          
Between 21 and 26 years of age,  children  enrolled in full time secondary or higher education (written proof ofenrolment at an educational establishment is required) are eligible for coverage as dependants under the Swiss Global Insurance policy. They may take on paid employment provided they do not work for more than three months per year

Dependents are eligible for cover only if the policyholder is covered under the healthcare program.