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you should have the clear legal status of an expatriate in order to be eligible for cover.
Also eligible for cover:
employees of United Nations and all international organizations, NGOs, Diplomats, International Students etc.
In case of doubt on your status, please do contact us in order to verify.

Unfortunately no,
acceptable age for enrolment is up to maximum age of 60.
Nonetheless, exceptions may apply under conditions of reserves and/or exclusions as well as personalized pricing offer.

Absolutely !
Once you are an insured member, you will benefit from our lifetime renewal guarantee.

Under the condition it has been declared at the time of the enrolment and accepted by Swiss Global Insurance.
You will then be covered up to the pre-existing condition limited refund as stated in the plans details and general conditions.
In case of doubt on your status, please do contact us in order to verify.

No !
Clear scans sent by email will do (except for Switzerland where originals are required).

- General claim inquiries: within 3 working days of the date of e-mail receipt.
- Fully documented claims submission: within 4 weeks.

Send your claims to:
Tel : +41 22 819 18 67 - Fax : +41 22 819 19 00
IMPORTANT: Please keep a copy of all original documents you send.

For US claims, please file directly with United Healthcare.
P.O. Box 740372, Atlanta, GA 30374-0372
Pharmacy Claims Address: PO Box 29077, Hot Springs AR 71903
Pharmacy Help Desk: 888-290-5416
If your medical provider is part of the network, he can file on your behalf directly with UHC without having you to advance the funds.

- Hospitalisation non-USA: +41 22 310 38 94
- Hospitalisation USA: UHC +1 800 718 12 93

- Emergency Medical Evacuation non-USA: +41 22 310 37 88
- Emergency Medical Evacuation USA: 1 800 630 5360


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