How to be reimbursed ?

Easy and straight forward claim treatment.

Please send your claim form within maximum 90 days from the date of treatment to the Swiss Global Insurance Claims Service Center.

Fill out your claim form in your respected sections and attach original medical prescriptions, original medical fees and bills.
Each document must state the name of the patient, date of cares, a full description of cares, the amount of medical expenses for each category of cares, the name, the address and the telephone numbers of the physician, of the medical facility.
Receipts must have all these information to be accepted.

For outpatient medical expenses (office visits, prescription drugs, laboratory tests, X-rays as well as dental and vision care),
please settle the bills first before sending us your claim form for reimbursement.

Do keep a copy of all original documents you send.
Accumulate your small medical and dental bills until you have enough to justify a significant reimbursement.

Send your claim to:

c/o Swiss Health International
Claims Service Center
Rue du Rhône 14
CH - 1204 Geneva Switzerland
Tel : +41 22 819 18 67 - Fax : +41 22 819 19 00
E-mail :

- For vision care, prescription drugs or laboratory exams, the corresponding prescription must be included with the bills.

- If you or your dependents are covered by a Social Security system or another healthcare plan, you must first obtain the reimbursement from this primary insurance before sending your claim to the Swiss Global Insurance Claims Service Center. In this case, please enclose with each claim a copy of all medical and dental bills relating to the claim, as well as the original statement of the prior reimbursement. Swiss Global Insurance may ask you additional information that may be necessary to solve your benefit claim.