Swiss Global Services


  • A multilingual team to get in touch with you, physicians and hospitals/clinics worldwide.
  • A unique contact to follow up your files, with a dedicated team of administrators for all members of Swiss Global Insurance.
  • A call center 24 hours a day, Pre-certification services, 365 day per year.
  • A Personalized insurance ID card for you and your dependents to facilitate admission to a hospital and direct billing.
  • Multi-currencies reimbursements, with a direct reimbursement by bank wire transfer worldwide.
    To avoid any change fluctuation, the applied exchange rate will be the rate of the day where the medical expenses have been engaged.
  • Just a simple phone call triggers a direct billing worldwide in case of hospitalization, this to avoid any advance payment for the policyholder (PRE-AGREEMENT).
  • Physician and dentist advisors remain at your disposal to get a second medical advise.
  • Confidentiality of medical information.
  • A medical database, a list of physicians and hospitals/clinics, real and reasonable medical costs per country, and the different social security system.

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