Duration of the coverage

When and for how long are you covered ?

Coverage for members and dependants begins upon enrollment into any of Swiss Global Insurance plan (a complete signed application form must be submitted and accepted).
Enrolment is subject to acceptance by Swiss Global Insurance.

Coverage is automatically renewed with no limit in time.
Swiss Global Insurance offers lifetime healthcare cover provided you take out a policy before the age of 65.

You are insured,  the moment Swiss Global Insurance approves your application and premium is paid :

  • Immediately for medical attention and/or hospitalization following an accident or the onset of an infectious disease;
  • for Dental & Orthodontic treatment after a 9 month waiting period;
  • for maternity after a 10 month waiting period;
  • for check-up waiting period depending on your plan.

The medical coverage terminates at the request of the member by sending to Swiss Global Insurance a written notice minimum 30 days for the end of the year or, it can be terminated at anytime by Swiss Global Insurance for non payment of premium.

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