Administrative Procedures

For direct billing, hospitalization, emergency, pre-certification.

Direct billing (Pre-certification)

– for Delivery
Swiss Global Insurance issues a Letter of Guarantee (pre-certification) to the medical facility in order to settle directly the delivery charges according to the terms and conditions of your plan. You will therefore benefit from a direct payment to your medical provider and will not need to claim for reimbursement.

– for Hospitalization (Medical or Surgical reasons)

Planned hospitalization
Simply contact Swiss Global Insurance ten days before admission, to ensure preparation of a Pre-certification agreement which will be sent by SGI to the medical provider.
You will therefore benefit from a direct payment without any advance payment from your end.
You will only pay those charges that are not covered by your plan such as your personal expenses (telephone and television rental, etc…)
In order to facilitate any admission or any administrative procedures between Swiss Global Insurance and medical facilities, simply show your insurance card to the admission desk.
The medical facility will then contact us directly.

In case of emergency
Just go directly to the hospital, show your insurance card to the admission desk and ask the person in charge to contact directly Swiss Global Insurance within the next 72 hours after your
admission. We will provide the medical facility with a pre-certification agreement.

For Pre-certification and Emergency, please use the following telephone number : +41 22 310 38 94

Prior approval
Swiss Global Insurance prior approval is required for hospitalization, maternity, expenses over 400 €, or for the following courses of treatment:

  • Medical prosthesis other than dental
  • Stays in medical facilities,
  • Series of medical services as soon as there are more than 5 sessions: services by paramedical practitioners such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathic or chiropractic treatment

In order to obtain prior approval, have your doctor send to Swiss Global Insurance a treatment plan with a medical report, including medical prescription, X-rays and detailed cost estimate.
Prior approval given by Swiss Global Insurance is then valid for the specified medical services within the limits indicated in the text of the approval.
Reimbursements may be reduced by 50% if you do not request SGI prior approval (including for hospitalization and maternity).

For prior approval and for information on reimbursment ceilings,
please contact us on the following telephone number : +41 22 310 38 94

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