Worldwide Swiss Health & Medical  Insurance for the Swiss & the International expatriate communities

SWISS GLOBAL INSURANCE are health & medical insurance products for the Swiss expatriate community who despite being far from their native land, want to keep the quality protection they are used to and have the freedom to access Swiss medical providers as well as Worldwide medical providers, at anytime, from anywhere.

SWISS GLOBAL INSURANCE is equally open to all other nationalities who seek Swiss medical insurance benefits and protection. The main difference between us and the others is that SGI was created by expatriates for expatriates.

For the last 15 years, we have been creating and designing our own medical insurance plans based on the real needs of people.
SWISS GLOBAL INSURANCE provides you with the personalized service you deserve, the medical coverage you really need, and with the A+ rated Lloyd’s of London, the financial security you definitely seek.

International Health & Medical Coverage Plans


Is the exclusive HealthCare Medical plan for the most demanding.


Is the full range HealthCare Medical plan at affordable prices.


Are 2 comprehensive plans most people need for their regular Health coverage.